About Tim and Rhonda Rogers


Tim Rogers

Tim ministers from the heart of someone who lives what he believes. In pursuing God’s call to missions, Tim has experienced God’s powerful anointing for many dramatic breakthroughs. Emphasizing faith-based Bible teaching, he is committed to raising the standard of excellence in life and ministry in Mexico. His messages share life-changing truths that faith is the victory and the Word of God never fails!

Tim and Rhonda reside in Mexico City. Tim enjoys working out, Golf, hanging out with his kids, and black licorice ice cream.


Rhonda Rogers

Passionate about God’s love for people, Rhonda is known as the “People’s Pastora”. Her easy to understand teaching style mixed with humor and music have inspired thousands to find meaning in life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Rhonda enjoys introducing people to the person of the Holy Spirit, encouraging believers to a life of prayer and challenging everyone to step up into the rich life of “In Him Realities”! The manifestations of the Holy Spirit and signs and wonders accompany the preaching of God’s Word.

A native of Lansing, Michigan, Ronda enjoys singing, horseback riding and adventures.