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TRM Newsletter – Fall 2011

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15 Years

On January 23rd, 2011 we celebrated 15 years of service in Mexico City. It is amazing what God has done in such a short time! We have included a photo collage of our journey so far, highlighting our “Brief History of Time”.

We began Rhema Bible Church on August 31, 1997, and Rhema Bible Training Center in September of 1998. From the humble beginnings in our home, Rhema has grown to include our Main Campus, Alumni Association with over 350 graduates; Ministerial Association with 50 members; Pastoral Association with 14 Churches and we are currently training 8 graduates who are working to pass the “Spirit of Excellence” course to qualify for the opportunity to open Expansion Campuses of Rhema Bible College throughout Mexico.

We know that conservatively over the 15 years of ministry we have helped 13,500 people receive salvation in Christ, 7,500 to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and 7,000 people have received healing in their bodies. Praise God! We have hosted 10 missions trips and provided services to bless other churches throughout Mexico, Among those services are:

  • Medical Clinics
  • Launching “Nathaniel” Children’s Crusades
  • Teacher and Pastoral Training
  • Roofing Church Buildings
  • Distributing Bibles
  • Providing Disaster Relief
  • Holding Toy Drives for Orphanages
  • Aiding in Underground Youth Rescues
  • Helping Those Who Live in the Mexico City Dump

Our network is the fruit of hard work by our staff, volunteers, and graduates. We want to thank all of you who have been faithful to pray for us over the years and for those who financially underwrite our ministry each month with your gifts of support. We love you and pray God’s best for your life.

Thank You,

Tim & Rhonda Rogers

A Word From Matthew:

My life has been quite a whirlwind lately, but at the end of every day I know that right now life is good. In recent news I just got back from visiting my two sisters in Tulsa, which I loved doing because I got to surprise them! They had no idea I was coming and it was really hard keeping it a secret for over two months.

I’m still going to school, more specifically now I’m catching up on all the work that I missed when in Tulsa! I’m playing soccer and we even had a game today (the two teams tied, 3-3, and I scored one of the goals). School is really tough with having to catch up, but some of the classes that I’m currently taking are AP English, AP U.S. History, Mexican History, Spanish, and Anatomy.

With the summer approaching fast I’m planning on attending several soccer camps, like Tulsa University’s soccer camp and hopefully Michigan State’s soccer camp as well. Next year I will be a Senior in high school, so for the future I am planning on going to the States for college. I don’t know what I want to study yet, but I know I want to go to a good college wherever I know God has called me.

Lately I’ve been very into music (I even made mixed tapes for my sisters!). I love Matthew West, Brandon Heath, and other artists with a similar flair to their music. My favorite Bible passage? Psalm 23. Those words always speak to my heart.

I want to thank all of you that have supported my family throughout the years. Your giving has touched my life and now I am ready to step out and fulfill the calling God has for me and it’s only thanks to your obedience to God.

– Matthew