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Why tim & rhonda?

When we moved our young family to Mexico City in the late 90’s, absolutely everything was new to us: the country, language, culture and customs, just to name a few. And yet, by the grace of God (and many trials and errors), we’ve pioneered a now-thriving church from the ground up.

We are passionate about taking what we’ve learned and communicating that to your churches, leadership trainings, staff meetings, conferences, camp meetings and seminars.


We are available for:

  1. Men’s and Women’s conferences
  2. Evangelism and missions— getting the church excited about missions and outreach
  3. Leadership training— how to properly structure and organize the church leadership development and team building
  4. Strengthen and revitalize the local church through building teams
  5. Organization within church systems

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Through Your Giving we can train more leaders, plant new churches, and impact the latin-speaking nations for Christ.

Pray for us

We know that prayer has the impact to change nations and we are thankful for everyone that teams up with us through prayer.


Whether it's one time or through monthly support, every contribution matters and can help us equip leaders for the future.

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You are part of a movement to bring more people in the latin community to Christ and equip them to live the life God designed for them.

Serving Mexico and beyond for over 27 years.

We are so blessed to do what we do! But we never would have gotten where we are if not for partners like you who hear the call of God to link arms with us in the cause of Christ.

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